Clarksville Lifestyle Photographer || Farewell February//03.03.15

Wasn’t I just writing a farewell to January??? Why do the first few months of the year go by so quickly?? February was filled with lots of fun, like babywearing mini sessions, surprises (one of my best friends is PREGNANT!!!), and overall joy. I am enjoying the last few days I have left until my Little Minion turns one and my Tiny Dictator turns five and starts kindergarten.






It astonishes me everyday how much my children change everyday. February 1 my littlest wasn’t yet standing up and today she pulls up on everything. In the past month my son has learned new words, like tardy and new things, like solar systems, and is continuing to amaze me with his math prowess (totally not inherited from me). My greatest prayer and wish is that I can be the mother they need to be everyday. And many many days I fail. Miserably. I’m thankful for Grace and that both of them have incredibly forgiving hearts. They don’t expect much from me, just to love them (and serve them nutella sandwiches and juice). 



February was Snowmageddon month here in Clarksville, Tennessee and even Nashville was hit with quite a bit. We were trapped inside for what seemed like forever, and since Fort Campbell was shut down for a couple of days, Husband enjoyed some off time with us. We didn’t play in the snow much (only about as long as it took to shovel the driveway), but we greatly enjoyed our newly cleaned fireplace. There was lots of warmth in our home on those days. Lots of cabin fever, but lots of heart as well.






Before the snow could melt, we were hit with the Clarksville stomach  bug. Let me just say, this was probably the worst bug I’ve had in a very VERY long time. Tiny Dictator was the lucky one to catch it first, followed by my poor Little Minion, then myself, then Husband bringing up the rear. My house has never smelled cleaner, as we all walked around in a fog of Lysol to avoid getting the ickies again.



February was a month of fun, but I’m actually happy to see it go, in favor of slightly warmer temperatures and SUNLIGHT! Beloved, blessed sunlight that has been so scarce this winter is slowly making it’s way back into our lives, and we are thrilled! Next step, cleaning the pool and gearing up for the inevitable birthday parties!

Happy March everyone!









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Nashville Lifestyle Photographer || Goodbye January//02.02.15

Is it just me, or has this month positively FLOWN by?? We still have our Christmas wreath on our front door, we are almost finished moving into and organizing our new home, and I have been so privileged to photograph some beautiful families this month!!





January is the time for new beginnings and fresh starts and goal setting. A couple of my January goals were to book a session (or two) and to finish up Tiny Dictator’s lesson planning, as well as going to the gym regularly. Two of those goals I’ve accomplished, ans surprisingly, hitting the gym is one of them! Since Little Minion’s birth I’ve really tried to place more of an emphasis on my health. Along with working out regularly (and by regularly, I mean once weekly. Let’s not get crazy now) I’ve started cutting out processed sugar (which has been miserable) and replacing it with stevia and sugar in the raw and natural sources of sugar, like fruits and honey! No, I haven’t lost weight, but I’ve steadily been feeling better. One of the worst things has been the migraines from the sugar withdraws, and the absolute lack of energy I feel most days, but even that is waning and, day by day, I’m feeling better. I haven’t had a soda in quite a while, and I’m super proud of myself for that! We just won’t mention my coffee intake, mmhmm kay? ;)







Another overarching goal for 2015 was to nourish my soul more. I’ve suffered from severe depression for years, and while it’s in remission, I constantly feel on guard against it. I discovered in the past couple of years the poisons that I’ve been introducing into my mind and heart, little venomous thoughts that seed and root in my head and from there, sprout and grow until they’ve leeched all of the positivity and  happy from me. Being kind to myself has never been easy, but I am determined to change that in 2015!! A while back I started unfollowing things on Facebook that weren’t directly relevant to me or gave me negative feelings whenever they popped up, whether it was jealousy, ineptness, despair, etc. These weren’t just photography related, but as a whole, I started realizing that some things just made me feel very bleak. So I got rid of them! sounds simple enough, right? Well you won’t believe actually how difficult it is. Social media is such a defining presence in our lives and it’s so hard to get rid of, but it has made a HUGE difference in my life. You don’t realize how bad something is for you until you get rid of it and see the damage it’s left.


2015 is going to be a healing year for me, and I plan on taking it day by day, month by month, and enjoying and relishing the time I have with my family and my friends.










So tell me, how are you doing? How was your January?

Ft Campbell Homecoming Photographer || Welcome Home//01.31.15

Welcome Home ceremonies at Fort Campbell, Kentucky are emotional and beautiful events, possibly the best day ever for a military spouse! This one was a little bit more special than most because of a pretty big surprise…


A family anxiously awaits their soldier's homecoming at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.


Their parents had all flown in to see their son (and son in law and brother in law) come home!! It was a joy getting to know this amazing family and chatting about Seattle and the Pacific Northwest before the plane landed. It was a beautifully warm day, so waiting outside was not a problem! Eager eyes looked toward the plane and tracked its progress as it landed! Finally, they were finally home!

A family anxiously awaits their soldier's homecoming at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.


AS the guys formed up outside we headed inside to wait. The hangar doors opened, bringing in a great gush  of fresh air and our soldiers!


A family anxiously awaits their soldier's homecoming at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.


Songs were sung, words were spoken, and a thrill of anticipation hovered over the crowd. The soldiers were finally released amidst cheers and cries! Amber found her soldier almost immediately, and they were able to gain a precious few seconds alone before they turned to the rest of the waiting family.


A family anxiously awaits their soldier's homecoming at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.


We all sat and chatted, fanning ourselves in the sweltering heat of the hangar. I found another photographer, owner of Liberty Belle Photography, and gave her a huge grin. Her husband was coming home that night. After a short break for the soldiers, they were called back into formation. Their loved ones would see them in a few hours. My family headed out for lunch while they waited, elated to have been witness to one of the best moments a military spouse can ever have.

A family anxiously awaits their soldier's homecoming at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

A family anxiously awaits their soldier's homecoming at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.






Do you have a loved one returning home soon? I am currently booking homecoming ceremonies at Fort Campbell! These book quickly so please book soon!


Nashville Lifestyle Photographer || Printing is Oldschool (and so are the excuses)//01.28.15

It’s an age old story, an excuse as old as time, and one I’ve used myself on countless occasions.

“I’m sorry professor. I couldn’t print my paper because my computer crashed last night.”
“I’m sorry boss. I couldn’t finish the project because my computer fell to a terrible death off of the top floor of our building.”
“I’m sorry photographer. I didn’t print my photos because before my computer crashed to the floor below it had given me the blue screen of death and I simply never had time to get around to printing them.”


Nashville Lifestyle Photographer Victoria Anne Photography talks about how printing albums is important to her.


We live in and through social media. The first photos of a new baby are instantly instagrammed for everyone to see. Everything from a first pregnancy to wedding day to grandbabies is viewed on social media networks. The most common and popular commodity a photographer could possibly offer in this day of foodgrams and retweets of the first time on a potty are digital files. Many potential clients will only book with you IF you give digital copies. Because who would want prints anymore?? They’re so outdated when you can tag and show off your newborn’s photos on Facebook!

But are they as outdated as we think? Enter this commercial with a poignant message from CanonUSA. We may guiltily laugh at the little girls question to her mother, and even her seemingly nonplussed reaction to the only images of her existence being archived on Facebook, but that parent represents us all.

A study done a few years back stated that children who are raised surrounded by printed photos of themselves will grow to have a higher self esteem than those with no photos. And that isn’t the only study to research the impact our Facebook walls have in comparison to the walls in our own home.

Printed photos are good for your soul. Tiny Dictator loves receiving print packages and opening them and seeing his own little face shining back at him. His favorite photos are of him with The Piano Guys. He has them surrounding his bed, memories he will never remember but are kept alive in those photos. And they always will be, unlike the digital files from which those prints were made.

Nashville Lifestyle Photographer Victoria Anne Photography talks about how printing albums is important to her.
Digital files fade and corrupt over time, much more quickly than a printed photo. Even when it’s not touched, an average digital file will last less than 20 years, and that’s the file itself, not what it is stored on. The past 20 years have seen digital updates and upgrades, from the floppy disc to cd’s to usb’s and sd cards. I have several floppy discs lying around that, more than likely, will never be opened again because of the lack of hardware to open them, and they are less than ten years old. USB’s are swiftly going the way of the floppy disc and DVD’s are giving way to Blu-Ray.  It’s astounding to think of where we will be in another 20 years, but one thing is guaranteed: that disc sitting in your drawer will no longer be useful.


Nashville Lifestyle Photographer Victoria Anne Photography talks about how printing albums is important to her.



Many photographers are stopping the sale of digital files almost completely and offering in their place heirloom products that have and always will stand the test of time, like albums and canvases and prints. This is an extra service meant to help you avoid the excuse of never having time and meant to help avoid the heart ache of a crashed hard drive. Photos are meant to last and be displayed, not on your Facebook wall, but on the walls that grace your home, lasting memories and testimonies to a life you lead!


When your hard drive crashes or your new computer no longer supports USB’s, where will your photos be?


 Nashville Lifestyle Photographer Victoria Anne Photography talks about how printing albums is important to her.


Fort Campbell Homecoming Photographer || Welcome Home Soldier!//01.22.15

Very little brings as much excitement to Fort Campbell as soldiers returning home! I was so excited to be invited to be a witness to this event, my very first homecoming at Fort Campbell! The excitement was palpable as we entered the hangar to hurry up and wait. Arriving one hour before the flight landed left us plenty of time to hang out and chat with one of her closest friends and chase after the kiddos.


A military spouse awaits her husband's return to Fort Campbell from a lengthy deployment.



Finally, we were given the okay to head outside to wait for the plane to land. Oh what a site that was to see!! The first shout rang out, followed by a multitude of others as we watched the plane’s headlight inch steadily closer. A roar leapt from the witnesses as it touched down, followed by exuberant laughter, cheering, and singing. Oh what a happy night it was!!


A military spouse awaits her husband's return to Fort Campbell from a lengthy deployment.


The soldiers paraded past and stepped into a formation outside of the hangar doors. It was time for us to go inside and wait for them to open. Tears were wiped, children laughed and ran around, their excitement too much to contain. And then finally, FINALLY, the hangar doors were opened and the soldiers marched in. They were home. A few words were spoken over them, the Army song played, and then it was time to be reunited.

A military spouse awaits her husband's return to Fort Campbell from a lengthy deployment.


A military spouse awaits her husband's return to Fort Campbell from a lengthy deployment.


A military spouse awaits her husband's return to Fort Campbell from a lengthy deployment.



They hugged and kissed and cried and then hugged some more, perfectly content to let the world swirl around them as time stood still for them. Pretty soon it was time for him to go, but only for a few hours this time. They marched back out, leaving hearts full and happy. They were home at last, after what always seems a lifetime, they were home.


A military spouse awaits her husband's return to Fort Campbell from a lengthy deployment.


A military spouse awaits her husband's return to Fort Campbell from a lengthy deployment.



Is your soldier coming home? Homecoming photographers in the Fort Campbell area book very quickly, so if you are interested in having your reunion documented forever, please book soon!

Nashville Birth Photographer || The Crowning Shot Myth//01.19.15

“You do what for a living?? Why on earth would anyone want photos of… that??”

Birth photography is still a fairly new genre of photography, especially here in Nashville, ever gaining in popularity, but for every person who adores the sweet photos of mom and dad and the new baby, there is always one who, let’s be honest here, thinks we’re insane. After all, until recently, labor and delivery was something that happened behind closed doors. You went into the hospital, had a baby, then came out. Everyone knows the mechanics, but being a witness to this little miracle of God was something reserved for families. With the invention and spread of social media, those things that were once private are being shared and open for all to see.

Nashville Birth Photographer Victoria Anne Photography documents the family praying around a laboring mother before she is wheeled in for a c-section.

So firstly, why birth photography? Births are a roller coaster of emotion, and as much as we want to remember every detail of it, very often we’re left with little snippets of what we think we remember. These snippets fit together well enough and can form a cohesive story, but something is always left out, a tiny detail that you may have missed in the throes of labor. Enter your Nashville Birth Photographer! What a birth photographer does is document your labor and delivery (gosh that sounds extremely non emotional) and preserve the in between moments of labor and deliver, such as your husband wiping sweat from your brow or gently rubbing your back, the first time your new bundle opened their eyes, and especially the tears and joy.

Nashville Birth Photographer Victoria Anne Photography documents the bond between a new mother and father before the delivery of their first daughter.

But… But… But what about… you know… baby actually coming out?? Do you actually photograph that??

First off, the delivery of a baby tells an amazing story of the power of a woman and her body to harbor and bring forth a new life. To me, it’s an amazing power that should be reveled in! Not very often does a mother feel as fierce as a lioness, and this moment can help to remind her of the power that is inside of her.



Nashville Birth Photographer Victoria Anne Photography documents the birth of a new baby boy to a second time mother.

As for photographing the actual crowning, I certainly can and do if the mother wishes me to. But, quite honestly, that’s one or two photos of the entire birth story.

Birth is not about the delivery. It’s a story of transformation, of power. It’s a privilege and awe inspiring to watch a woman deliver her child, the raw beauty and power that emanates from her demands respect from everyone with her.

Birth is a journey, a passage for a woman to motherhood and a man to fatherhood. It is a roller coaster ride, with several ups and downs and always, always twists and turns. Not everything always turns out the way it’s expected, but this is why birth will always be the unexpected journey, there and back again. You can’t cross without being changed, transformed, even if you’re only a witness. As the birth photographer, I document that transformation, blessed to be a witness to it. As the doula, I am honored to be a more active part of the transformation.

Birth is a story. A beautiful and captivating story of how we are created, transformed, renewed, loved. A story of how we fight for the ones we love, even against forces who wish to control us. Birth is the story of life.



Nashville Birth Photographer Victoria Anne Photography documents the first day of life for this new baby boy at BACH in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.


Hello there, Parker! || Nashville Birth Photographer//01.02.15

Nashville Birth Photographer


I hosted a giveaway earlier in 2014, right before our big move to Clarksville, Tennessee. The grand prize was a birth stories session, at no charge, from myself.

The winner of that giveaway was seriously one of the sweetest and most kind women I could have ever met. She was still in the beginning stages of pregnancy and was due in August, which was perfect for me since that’s when my maternity leave after delivering Little Minion ended.

I don’t think she knows this, but I seriously stalked her Instagram throughout her pregnancy. She was an adorable pregnant lady, and I couldn’t wait to meet her little guy!!

Nashville Birth Photographer


Summer passed in a blaze, Little Minion arrived, and Ashley grew bigger. Finally, it was baby time! I visited her during her induction at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital on Fort Campbell and snuck some raisins in for her. Things seemed to be going swimmingly, and I told her when to call me. The last text I received from her was around 11pm that night, saying she was at 4cm’s!

Let me make a pit stop to say, things don’t always go as planned. I like to laugh at people who plan births, because very very very rarely do they happen “as planned”. I “planned” a homebirth with Little Minion and ended up in a two week hospital stay followed by an emergency induction. Others I know “plan” hospital births but end up delivering at home. Births can be, and usually are, very unpredictable.

That was certainly true in this case.

Around 1am, I awoke to my Skillet ringtone I always have set for births. I grabbed it and answered, getting ready to hop out of bed (I was already dressed). It was Ashley, but she was crying. Right after she had texted me earlier, Parker’s little heart rate dipped down and, being the stubborn thing he is, refused to come back up. So she was rushed in for a c-section and was now recovering.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed (I very much so was), but I was more hurt for this woman, this new mother I had grown to call a friend, who had had this emergency c-section after planning for an awesome natural delivery. I felt incredibly crushed and helpless for her.

The next morning I went in to photograph stubborn baby Parker and his new mom and dad. Seeing him and the love for him his parents had made my heart swell with joy! He was every bit as adorable as they had hoped, and was immensely loved. We chatted and I photographed them and went home feeling much more peaceful.

Nashville Birth Photographer


Nashville Birth Photographer


Things happen, not always in the way we plan and definitely not always in the way we want them to, but they happen regardless. What makes or breaks these trying times is how we handle them. Will we crumble under the pressure? Or will we stand up with resolve to face them? Will we continually question and go over the “what if’s” or will we learn from the experience, grow stronger, and move forward?

As a birth photographer, and as a photographer in general, I’m constantly learning and growing, but it’s not always photographic growth. Sometimes the growth comes more from inside. That day, Ashley taught me about strength and hope and perseverance. It’s a lesson I won’t soon forget.

Nashville Birth Photographer


Brace Yourselves… An Epic Sale Is Coming || Nashville Birth Photographer//11.26.14

I’ve been hinting on my social media pages about a big big BIG Holiday sale, from me to you! Are you ready for it??

In case you missed it, I wrote a blog about one of my favorite products pretty much ever: albums! Albums are so much more than just pretty pictures in a gorgeous linen or silk or leather bound book. They’re incredible memories that can be passed to future generations, even after technology has surpassed USB and CD’s and Facebook is a thing of the past.

I believe in this and I truly believe EVERYONE deserves an album, for themselves, for their family, for their kids, so so much! So my holiday sale will consist of… (have you guessed it yet?) ALBUMS!

Don’t worry. The sale itself is pretty epic.

35% off of ALL ALBUM PRICES. (told you it was epic).

This includes all albums, album sizes, and up to ten spreads. However, the fusion covers sadly are not included in the sale.

But Victoria! I don’t have photos to put in an album!

That’s totally okay, because each album sale includes a 45 minute session, so you have beautiful, updated family photos to display in your new album! (These sessions do not include high resolution digital files or other products). Session options include outdoor on location and in home lifestyle sessions.

I want you to be a believer in the family album again. And I am 100% confident that, after your album is presented to you, you will be. <3

So how long does this sale last??
Sadly, all good things have to come to an end. This sale will close on Monday, December 1. All sessions must be redeemed by June 30, 2015.

Need more? Are you a returning family member?
All additional albums are 25% off. These make perfect gifts for Grandma and Grandpa or a little something to surprise your spouse overseas!

How much?
8×8 album: $350 $227.50
10×10 album: $475 $308.75
12×12 album: $550  $357.50

Returning customers receive an EXTRA 10% off.

WAIT! There’s more! I know right?

Fresh 48′s and Birth Stories are 50% off until Monday!!

It’s the season of giving, and I hope you are as excited about this great gift as I am! I can’t thank you all enough for sticking and bearing with me through this year and for supporting my business. Without you and your support, there would be no Victoria Anne Photography, my son wouldn’t be able to attend gymnastics and bills would go unpaid. It absolutely means the world to me to have your support, so thank you!!
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


So Why Albums? || Nashville Lifestyle Photographer//11.19.14

If you’ve ever had a session with me, you’ve undoubtedly heard me talk about my album offerings – about how amazing they are, beautiful, stunning, glorious, seriously the best things I offer.

Most of you probably don’t believe me. “It’s just a book with photos in it, right? What’s the big deal about albums? Why should I buy one, especially one that costs as much as yours do?”

I’m going to be pretty honest (and probably wordy) in this post, so bear with me. We have a lot of ground to traverse. I’ll start on memory lane…

Why you should purchase an album from your nashville birth photographer


My mom and dad photographed I think just about every aspect of my sister’s and my lives. Band outings, cheerleading events, holidays, school projects, school performances – you name it – there were photos. Those photos were developed (yes, I was born before digital cameras and the internet, shocker) and then placed in albums. My mom has hundreds of photos packed into these albums. There are photos of her dad, who passed while I was in high school, photos of us with our grandpa, and photos of her with her dad. I know how much she cherishes these photos, the last remnants of his life that keep him alive in her heart.

One of my favorite things to do when we visit is to show off these photos to my husband and to my kids. Tiny Dictator loves looking at photos of mommy from when she was his age. My husband enjoys the embarrassing ones. I wouldn’t know why.

These photos form so much of my memory. Things I’ve forgotten come back to life through these photos. There are a lot of  ”Oh! Remember when…”  as we gather around these albums.

So in case you haven’t picked up on it, albums are not just books with photos in them. They are memories, stories of good times. A record of remembrance. It’s a person’s way of keeping those we cherish close in our heart.

That’s why they are such a big deal. I mean, why wouldn’t they be??

Why you should purchase an album from your nashville birth photographer


Back in the here and now, when I hired my photographer for Little Minion’s birth, I knew I wanted an album. I wanted something tangible that could be felt, opened, looked through, that would fill me with remembrance of her tiny squeal, the first time I fed her, and her daddy crying in happiness (it’s not something that happens often).  Tiny Dictator LOVES looking through it. I adore pulling it out and showing it off when friends and family come visit. It was an important time in my life, an incredibly cherished time, one I can share over and over. Even after Facebook disappears, even after USB’s are replaced with something else, even after this computer dies and my back up hard drives fail, I’ll still have that same album.

I love social media, don’t get me wrong. But being able to pull an album out to show off is way more impressive than saying, “Hey! Did you see the photos I just posted on Facebook??” Think about it. How long do you really expect that disc in your drawer to last? How long will Facebook be around before a new social network takes over? Will you still have the disc to load the photos to them again? What if your computer no longer has a disc drive? What if it doesn’t take USB’s?

All those memories. Lost in cyberspace. Such a sad fate for beautiful photos. And quite honestly, a complete waste of money.

Which brings me to this: why invest money into an album?

Well, why did you hire a professional photographer to document your special occasion? You want to remember it, right? You want to share it with your children and your children’s children, yes?

Why you should purchase an album from your nashville birth photographer


A high quality album purchased from your photographer is guaranteed to last through generations. Archival ink, sturdy pages, these are what make our albums heirloom quality. So that even after you are gone, your children and your children’s children and your children’s children’s children have this – this last memory of you. Your wedding, their birth, a lifestyle session at home, where the kids are playing in their swing set in the backyard or baking cookies with mom or being read while sitting in dad’s lap. Memories that will last even after the internet goes out.

Investing in an album is smart. It’s an investment that, not only preserves your memory of the event, but keeps the story documented for future generations to share.

Besides, what good is a story if it isn’t shared with those who matter the most?

Why you should purchase an album from your nashville birth photographer


Mason Jar Jack o’Lanterns || Clarksville Lifestyle Photographer//10.04.14

It’s October, which means it’s officially Halloween time here in Clarksville!! I have seriously slacked in decorating for Fall but I’m hoping to make up for it with some Halloween goodness. Starting with these adorable mason jar jack o’lanterns! Tiny Dictator greatly enjoyed this arts and crafts project, especially since it meant using his beloved scissors. He adores his scissors and uses any opportunity available to cut with them.


We have been working on cutting straight lines with him, which was something he has had difficulty with as he enjoys doing his own thing. When I drew the lines on the tissue paper and asked him to cut on the lines, he was more than willing and I was a happy momma! Using the lines, he cut out rectangles to be glued onto the jars. He held the jars and rotated them for me as I sprayed them with a heady dose of mod podge (seriously greatest stuff ever). He cut the triangles for the lanterns (I cut the rounded pieces because… well… I’m a perfectionist. Sue me.).



This is a great activity for kiddos and great for a homeschooling activity! Incorporate different shapes and colors, have them count the jars, ad and subtract shapes, and of course work on their fine motor skills with gluing and cutting!

These jars turned out way cuter than I could have hoped, and they now adorn our window ledges! We will be making another version of these for Christmas time!

Here are the instructions so you and your littles can make your own mason jar lanterns!



What you need:
- Mason Jars (We collect pasta sauce jars, so we have a ton lying around)
- Tissue paper in whatever color you’d like
- Construction paper
- Pencil and Scissors
- Mod Podge (the spray on works best for getting the tissue to stick to the lanterns and adds an awesome texture)
- Any other decorative items you wish to use (paint, glitter, ribbon, leaves, etc…)


How you make them:
- Start by laying out your tissue paper. Using your jar, mark where the lines need to be cut. Make sure you leave enough room to wrap around the jar! A little overlap is perfectly fine!
- Cut the tissue paper and spray with a generous dose of Mod Podge. Spray the jar as well (I over use  Mod Podge… But the paper ain’t moving) then wrap the tissue paper around the jar.
- While that settles, use your pencil to draw shapes on your construction paper. Cut out the shapes and then mod podge or glue the shapes to the jars.

Wham bam thank you ma’am you’re done. An easy project for little hands to get involved with and for the whole family to enjoy and have fun with! Get really creative and cut shapes out of the tissue paper and let the light shine through!

Did you make a lantern? I’d love to see it!! Post your photos over on my Facebook page!! I will share my favorites from the wall!